Bottle and can drive

In April we will be kicking off our bottle and can drive campaign! This fundraiser will go to the March to Macy’s fund to help reduce the cost for every band student so please encourage your child to participate.

Ways to participate

  1. There will be a  mass neighborhood collection on Sunday, April 23 from 2 – 6 p.m. Student and parent volunteers will meet in the Family Fare parking lot to be assigned a neighborhood, will work together in groups of 2-4 to collect cans, and then bring them back to the trailer at Family Fare. The goal for Sunday is to collect as many bottles and cans as possible. Sign up to volunteer.
  2. Ask a business if they would be willing to have a collection box in their break room. There is a March to Macy’s flyer that can be printed out and placed on the collection box. A pickup schedule can be arranged for every other week or they can use the contact email on the flyer for earlier pickup. You will not be responsible for collecting from the businesses, just provide a contact name and phone # or email to Wendy Todd.
  3. Mail in your bottle return receipts throughout the summer to:
    Wendy Todd
    4088 Scenic Pines
    Rockford, MI, 49341
    Attn: Rockford Bands
    Place in the band room inbox in an envelope labeled: Can drive
    (Make sure receipts have the name of the store on them.)
  4. End of summer mass neighborhood collection (date TBA).