Medication collection for Macy’s/NYC trip

A Macy’s medication form must be filled out by a parent if your student requires medication during the Macy’s  trip to NYC. It will be brought in, with the medication, during one of the two medication drop off times.

Things to know

  • Tylenol and/or Motrin will be dispensed per your instructions on the Health/Permission form you filled out in March. Please do not sign up for Tylenol or Motrin or send in any. If that is all your student requires, do not fill out or send in a form.
  • Chaperones will carry (in the medical bag): Tylenol, Motrin, band-aids, elastic bandages, antibacterial wipes, alcohol wipes, baking soda (for bug bites) and baby powder. They also have Smart Water, or equivalent, in case anyone needs extra hydration and saltine crackers for upset stomachs.
  • Your student may bring the following to NYC without filling out the form: Acne creams (Rx or over the counter), nasal sprays, eye drops, Bengay, petroleum jelly (used to prevent chafing) and Preparation H. Students may use these items in their room. Your student will need to have a form on file for everything else, Rx or over the counter medications.

Filling out the form

1. Students who carry inhalers and/or Epi-Pens must register them but do not need to turn them in. Please write down the name of the medication and then X the “Carries” column, not A.N. (as needed). If your student has allergies to anything that requires an immediate dose of Benadryl, please write Benadryl as a medication and X “Carries”, but not A.N. This information is very important and will be given to the chaperones.

2. For each medication your student needs, please print the name of the medication and dosage and put an X in the box of the time the medication is to be given. The dispensing choices are – Brkfst, Lunch, Dinner, Bed, A.N. (as needed) or Carries. If your student needs a time other than that, please make a note about that on the form.

3. If you are sending a medication that is to be given only as needed, please only put an X under “A.N.”. Do not check any other column for that. If you add anything else, like “Brkfst.”, it will show up on the A.N. list and the Brkfst. list and your student will be tracked down after breakfast.

4. If your student has a medication that doesn’t fit the regular schedule or requires special preparation or you just want to ask about administering it, please send Deb an email.

The form must be brought in by a parent with the medications. Do not email the form and do not send any medications with your student per school rules.

Medication drop-off times

There will be two opportunities for a parent – not a student – to turn in medication:

  • Monday, November 13, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 16, 2:30-4:30 p.m.

Medication check-in will be in the Green Room just outside the RHS Band Room.

They will not accept any medication or forms on the day of departure. The nurse and Deb will not be there for departure and everything must be ready for travel and marked appropriately before departure time for the safety of the students. There will be no exceptions.