Matching gift campaign update

Thank you to the community for supporting our matching gift campaign in October. We have a very special benefactor, Jacquelyn De Regnaucourt, who matched $10,000! THANK YOU!!

How did we raise the funds?

  • $5,000 from R.A.C.E (Rockford Area Community Endowment)
  • $3,022 from GoFundMe
  • $7,251 from generous companies, band parents, a can drive and the community

That’s a total of $15,273 in 3 weeks. Great job, everyone! Thank you for all your support. And, thank you to Jacquelyn, for starting the matching gift fundraiser and for supporting Rockford Bands and adding $10,000 to our total.

Matching gift donors

Anonymous (7)
Adam Prosser
Alison Van Wyk
Andrea Jacobson
Barbara Bunbury
Carol Jorgensen
Claire Reichenbach
Craig Gietzen
Dave Visser Builders LLC
Davis Family
Denise Calkins
Donald Nicholson
Donald & Marilyn Strobel
Donna Valenziano-Cecchini
Dorothy Christiansen & Amy Banfield
Doug Crysler
Echo Wooden
Gary Chamberlin
George Andrews
Jerry & Connie Jolly
Holly Eberhart
James Walkenhorst
James & James Mollema
Janis Crum
Jerlyn Demarest
John & Amy Vancil
John & Sandra Venman
Judith Phillips
June Kuzmich
Katie Lawrence
Kenneth Karpinski
Knights of Columbus/Bishop Richter Council 7761
Laura Bargwell
Laura Schultz
Lipe Industrial Services
LLR Inc (Lula Roe)
Mark and Mary Fletcher
Marlene Murray
Mary Ellen Koziol
Patty Monroe
Paul and Sue Bristol
Randy Laufersky
Rockford Area Community Endowment
Ronald & Paula Smith
Ruth Reickard
Sharon Border
Stanley & Barbara Zagalak
Steven & Jackie Decker
Tamara Schollaart
The Corner Bar
Thomas & Sarah Moore
Tracia Hayes
Viking Spas
Walter & Mary Andersen
Walter & Paula Chapton
William Evans
William & Cheryl Martin