Candy bar sales

Purchase candy for your student to sell.

Contact: Mark and Kerry Schrotenboer,


Accompany students to band competitions, festivals and events, serve snacks and help move equipment.

Heather Phillips,
Sandy Wilson,
Kirsten Bagin,

Color Guard

Work with the Color Guard coach and director on costumes and props; work with students and parents on fundraising.

Diane Luxhoj,
Kristy Crysler,


Order supplies, set up and organize volunteers for concessions at the Rockford Invitational on 9/19/2015.

Stacy Cordier,
Bonnie Winter,
Phyllis King,

Drivers and road crew

Drivers are needed to drive the two utility trailers to away events. Mileage, tickets for driver and spouse and hotel for overnight trips are paid for. Road crew needs 4-6 people to arrive at away events early to unload trailers and semi. Mileage for BOA, State Finals and Nationals is paid if the crew rides in one vehicle.

Mark Schrotenboer,


Aaron Sundman,


Pin, cut and sew flags.

Kristy Crysler,
Diane Luxhoj,


Melissa Pakiela,


Teams prepare, serve and clean-up after meals provided to students on home game nights and before away events during marching season.

Kim Van Dorp,
Nancy Yeager,

Inter-school Advisory Council representative

Meet with an advisory group to the superintendent and other administrative personnel. Serve as a soundboard for pertinent issues and to facilitate communication with the community.

Kim Van Dorp,

Invitational program, ads and sponsors

Design and prepare invitational program, collect ads and secure band sponsors.

Lori Vezina, (program)
Mike VanDorp, (ads)


Help with making and building props for marching show.

Doug Crysler,


Submit photos and articles from band events to local newspapers and be a community advocate for the band program.

Kelly McLellan,


Facilitate the distribution of gift cards to help the band and students earn a percentage of the sales.

Tasha Burns

Voicemail: 616-951-4611


Plan monthly activities and an end-of-year celebration for band seniors.

Kim VanDorp,
Kelly McLellan,


Organize and plan activities to create and foster support and encouragement for band students and the band program.

Terri Sheffer,


Assist in fitting, mending and general uniform maintenance, as well as checking uniforms in and out during marching and concert season.

Janna Male,
Chrissy Henschell,


Manage the Rockford Bands website and social media.

Holly Jones,

Yard Signs

Help prepare yard signs.

Rebecca Ackerman,
Greg Coberly,
Andrew Hutchins,


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