Scrip table hours:
Marching season – Tuesday nights from 8:30-9 p.m. at the RHS athletic entrance.
Concert season – Tuesday nights from 6:30-7 p.m. in the RHS front lobby area.

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A huge thank you to the band families that are participating in the Scrip program. When you purchase gift cards with us before they do regular shopping, those rebates certainly add up. In the 2016-2017 school year, Scrip fundraising raised over $31,764 which is more than double from 2015! Remember that you can join the Scrip program at any time. Take your everyday expenses and turn then into money for our program.

Q: What is SCRIP?

A: SCRIP is a fundraising device used by non-profit groups throughout the country and is an acronym that stands for Substitute Cash Redeem In Person. This year-round fundraiser is so simple…you don’t sell a thing, just shop where you normally do & pay for your band expenses at the same time. Making your shopping dollars work for you is a snap! It is offered to us as a service through Great Lakes SCRIP Center at their shopping site

Want to learn more? View the complete Family User Guide.

Q: How does SCRIP work?

A: Rockford Bands purchases gift cards from popular stores and restaurants at a discount, and then sells them for the full amount of the gift card. As a customer, you would purchase a gift card for the full amount and redeem that gift card for the full amount. There is absolutely no downside to purchasing a gift card through Rockford Bands versus another venue. The upside is that the difference raises money for Rockford Bands and your student’s individual band account. SCRIP comes in the form of gift cards that can be used for everyday shopping (i.e. iTunes, groceries, gas, etc.), or as gifts for family and friends.

Q: How do I get started?

A. Go to Locate the green Family Sign Up box on the left side, and click “Create Account”. Enter our band’s enrollment code (which can be obtained by emailing the SCRIP team at By associating this code with your student’s account, the ShopWithScrip system will correlate your shopping activity with our band. The profit earned on your order is split equally between your student’s account and the general band fund. Your student can use that money towards band fees for trips, camps, and other activities, and the money earned is available to use throughout their band career with the Rockford Band program. You can also download a SCRIP to go order form and bring it back to the SCRIP table at our weekly table times. You can also fill out a scrip enrollment form and return it in person at the SCRIP table.

Q: Can I use SCRIP with my credit card? How do I pay?

A. We can accept cash or checks made out to Rockford Band Parents. We are unable to process credit cards at this time. We encourage everyone to register for Prestopay, which is an internal, private eCheck system that allows you to pay from home with your check as you would a debit transaction. It’s free to set up and only 15 cents per use. It also allows you to print many certificates from home so you can support your student/our band 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

Learn more about how PrestoPay is safe, secure and fast.

Q. Are there other ways to order and pay?

A. Yes! Try out the new mobile experience from MyScripWallet. You can order electronic gift cards, reload physical cards, and in many cases redeem them right from your phone! And it’s fully integrated with, so you only need one login and you can use your PrestoPay account in both places. MyScripWallet lets you shop on-the-go, earning rebates on every purchase.

Q: What about senior parents/alumni?

A. We are thrilled to see so many senior parents continue to participate in SCRIP. At the end of the year, they will not only be able to apply the balance to their remaining bill, but have the chance to donate their proceeds to another family member, toward end of the year gifts, or use the money to purchase something for the band. Some of our families transition to an alumni account, where their shopping will continue to benefit our program.

Q: Can my friends or family participate? What about mailing them to out of town people?

A. Friends and family are encouraged to purchase through your account, making checks out to you or Rockford Band Parents. Even our far away supporters may set up their own account and purchase the printable ScripNow! no matter where they live. Because SCRIP is just like cash, mailing them is not ideal for safety and liability issues.

Q: The percentages on some of these are small. Is it really worth it?

A. Yes! In the 2016-2017 school year, Scrip fundraising raised over $31,764. 

Every year we have more and more families that have not had to pay for their band expenses out of pocket. They completely paid for their band bills by simply redirecting their already budgeted spending into these gift cards before they shop. If you get gas at Speedway, 2% goes to the band and 2% goes into your child’s account. Would you like 2% back on all the gas you spent last year? How about groceries? 

Q: When and where do I pick up my SCRIP?

A. Orders placed online by Tuesday evening at 9:30 p.m. are ready the following week at the Scrip table. There will also be some cards in inventory on a first come, first served basis. See the current Scrip table times.

In addition, we are set up at all band meetings and concerts for your convenience.

Q: Are you open in the summer?

A. Our SCRIP store runs year-round. Not only can you come to the high school over the summer, it’s a great time to get the hang of it.

Q: Do you stock any SCRIP that doesn’t need to be pre-ordered?

A. You can either order ahead online or purchase what we stock as extra SCRIP to go order form. It is best to order online at so that your order is waiting for you on pick up nights in our Express Lane. We do have some on-hand inventory for last minute orders which are first come, first served. We always have plenty of Meijer ready.

Q: I signed up for Scrip. Now what?

A. After your account is created, please bookmark This allows you to easily enter any future orders online, track your previous purchases, set up a favorite list for express shopping and view their many special offers.

Any order placed online by Tuesday at 9 p.m. will be available for pick up the following week at the Scrip table. The time and location change from marching to concert season so please reference the current time at the top of this page.

Set up your account
  1. Username: Your entire email address in lower case letters
    Password: Enter your username and then click on “Forgot password” to set up your own. If you have trouble with this step, please email
  2. Verify all your information is correct under “Change Profile/Password”
  3. Once you have logged into your Scrip account, set up PrestoPay. This is an ACH process tied to your checking account and allows you to reload gift cards and buy egift cards. (Page 20-22 of the user guide has the details on PrestoPay.)
  4. Email your PrestoPay code to the Scrip team when ready

If you don’t want to use PrestoPay, you can come to the Scrip table each week and pay for orders by Check.

Helpful hints

1. Review the complete list of retailers and highlight all the business you normally patronize throughout the year. You will be so surprised at how many retailers are participating. It also makes remembering to order SCRIP for these businesses easier and add funds to your student’s account that much more often! As long as you order online by Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. we will have it waiting for you at the table the following week.

2. Can’t get to the school on SCRIP night? Try ScripNow! Just print out ScripNow on your home printer and use it in stores just like a physical gift card, or you can use it for online shopping by entering the card number and PIN at the checkout page.

3. Use the SCRIP to go order form to order from what we keep ready at the table for last minute shoppers, first come, first served.

Scrip and ShopWithScrip Explained

What is Scrip?



Thank you and happy shopping!
Your SCRIP Store team,
SCRIP voicemail 616.951.4611

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