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Jenison Invitational Itinerary and Line-Up

“Before I Wake”
Rockford performs at 9:00 pm on […]

Current Fundraiser: Key Card Fundraiser

On Monday (9-15-14) each student will receive a Key Card Fundraiser information sheet and book to sell. The books sell for $25. The profit from this fundraiser is $12.50. That $12.50 all goes to your student's account. If you want the profit to be applied to your student's 3rd Disney payment, the order and payment must be turned in by October 1. The sale goes on longer than that but that is the deadline for those who want that credit for the Disney payment. If your student is not going to Disney, it is a great fundraiser to build up your student's account for next year for band camp and a possible a trip to Nationals, which is an added expense for the season. If you do not want to participate in the fundraiser you MUST return the book. If you do not return the book you will be charged for it. Look for the book to come home on Monday. Thanks. Beth